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J Krishnamurti Self Education Society - Badlapur Retreat
Sahyadri Nisarg Jeevan Sanstha's Vrindavan Balak Ashram

Ramesh Hariram Kukreja


Ramesh Hariram Kukreja, a successful entrepreneur having a lucrative electroplating business in Ulhasnagar, left it all and decided to settle amidst Nature near the village of Jambhilghar about 8 kms from Badlapur. He lives there with his father, children and their spouses and grandchildren, brothers, their wives and children. It is a big joint family: all ceaselessly engaged in activity, be it looking after the J Krishnamurti Study Centre or the Sahyadri Nisarg Jeevan Sanstha's Vrindavan Balak Ashram  

In his own words:

Vrindavan Balak Ashram started in a very simple way. 25 children were staying in a nearby farmhouse of a friend. I used to visit them and they used to visit our house "Vrindavan". In November 2003, I discovered that they have to vacate their house within a month. It was November 2003 and Winter was setting in. I had a cowshed in dilapidated condition. I repaired the cowshed with thatched grass and bamboo walls and constructed two toilets and bathrooms. I brought them to my house and told them that we will share whatever is in the house. I told them that in case there was no food, I will teach how to live without food. No donations will be asked for. They agreed.

I was thinking of all the Many wise things about life that I would teach them ie. How to live intelligently, sanely with a smile on the face, compassion in the heart, understand about the wholeness of Life and Self, etc. But the truth is I am learning many good, intelligent things from them. I am saying this from the bottom of my heart. We are good friends now.

Then came the rains. In June it rains heavily here accompanied by strong winds. Our thatched roofs and bamboo walls were blown away. There was water all over the place. We managed with the help of some very good friends.

My friends are helping me. My whole family is helping me, or rather, I should say, and it is very true, that we all are working together, living together with love - Children are very good and helpful.

Orphanage is a word which pains me: It is is our loving home.

All children are going to nearby Zilla Parishad Schools in Rahtoli and Jambilghar villages. These schools are run well.

Our activities at the ashram:
We wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning. Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, Listening Good Music, Morning walk to nearby hills or forests are the activities we take part in. Playing as well as picking fruit from surrounding trees, sometimes quarrelling with each other, cooking our own food, cleaning the place, washing clothes, helping the nearby Krishnamurti Study Centre - these are our daily activities.


We are living on a Blessed Earth.  

Musings of Ramesh Kukreja:


Everything is sacred.

Words are sacred

See the marvel of the words as well as the confusion they create, that is the sacred design of the Universe.

Thought is sacred.

Sense of self is sacred.

Illusion is sacred and real

Being is sacred

Becoming is sacred

Love is sacred

Hatred is sacred

Anger is sacred

Fear is sacred

Awareness is sacred

Unawareness is sacred

Everything, Everyone, Everywhere. Always there is sacredness.

Peace is sacred.

War is sacred

All these opposite qualities have  their roots in oneness. That is sacredness.

We feel one thing sacred and other not. Both these things are sacred.

We can never move out of sacredness. All is sacred.

You are sacred.

Seeing order in life is sacredness

Seeing disorder in life is sacredness

In order there is sacredness

In disorder there is sacredness

One person sees sacredness everywhere, other person sees not. Both are sacred.

In agreement there is sacredness

In disagreement there is sacredness

One sees suffering everywhere, the other sees peace everywhere. We both are sacred.

Source of both these opposite understandings is the same and one.

Non duality is sacred

Duality is sacred

I love, accept the way things are. Marvel and Wonder at seeing so many varieties of Life at work.

Ramesh Kukreja contact information:
Mobile: 9420607428/9326014460
Postal Address: "Vrindavan", Jambilghar, Post Chargaon, Badlapur-Boradpada Road, Taluka - Ambernath, District - Thane, 421503 Maharashtra, India

J Krishnamurti Self Education Society - Badlapur Retreat
Sahyadri Nisarg Jeevan Sanstha's Vrindavan Balak Ashram
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