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Sahyadri Nisarg Jeevan Sanstha's Vrindavan Balak Ashram
Ramesh Hariram Kukreja


Monthly retreats at:
Anand Vihar, Jambhilghar, Badlapur - Boradpada Road, Badlapur (W)

I learnt about Anand Vihar during a visit to Sahyadri School Study Centre at Pune. I discovered the contact details on the Internet at the kinfonet.org site. I contacted Abhijit Padte (+91 98201 23567) who was all help and co-ordinated my visit to Anand Vihar. I visited Anand Vihar, Badlapur on 02nd August 2008. Sri. Ramesh Kukreja (see photo below), one of the founder members and the man who runs the show, received me at Badlapur as I was visiting the place for the first time. Anand Vihar is about 8 kms from Badlapur. Buses and autos going to Barvi dam are the public transport to the place. Sri. Ramesh and his people (his family and his extended family, the ashram children - (more about the ashram on another page) ) were all hospitality and grace. I stayed  in the Cottage room listening to the sounds of winds, the rain, the birds, and  watching the dance of daylight caused by rapidly moving clouds. The night, that followed, brought its own sounds of croaking frogs, and chirping insects. Lovely vegetarian food, prepared by the ashram children and Ramesh's family was served.   Memories of Anand Vihar (A caring, compassionate, Ramesh and his family, the cheerful ashram children, the lovely food ) shall linger in my mind for a long time. Some photos taken by me are featured here. - Rajendra S Pai

The path leading to Anand Vihar

From the leaflet published by J Krishnamurti Self Education Society:
Anand Vihar Centre of the J Krishnamurti Self Education Society has been created to study the teachings of J Krishnamurti. We welcome everyone who would like to make use of the facilities and its quiet environment for the purpose of self enquiry.
The centre has a collection of books, Audio tapes and Videos of Krishnamurti talks and dialogues. Few books are also available for sale.
The centre provides an opportunity for anyone who would like to come and stay alone or in groups to participate in study retreats conducted by the study centre or by themselves. The centre conducts monthly retreats wherein a guest or member of the society is invited to conduct a weekend workshop. These retreats begin Saturday morning and end 5.00 pm the following Sunday. The charges are Rs. 300/-
You may also visit the centre on a 'Day Visit' basis for which the charges are Rs. 100/-. This includes breakfast, lunch and evening tea.
We can organise special retreats for interested study groups, private organisations or groups of students or teachers.
One can reach the retreat by getting down at Badlapur suburban station (on west side) on the Central Railway. From Mumbai, you can board a train from any Central Railway Station such as Kurla/Dadar/CST(VT) station. You can then take a bus going towards Barvi Dam or take an autorickshaw and reach Jambilghar.



A view of the Cottage housing rooms 5 and 6

Study Centre:
This place must be of great beauty with trees, birds and quietness, for beauty is truth and truth is goodness and love. The external beauty, external tranquillity, silence may affect the inner tranquillity, but the environment must in no way influence the inner beauty. Beauty can only be when the self is not, the environment which must have great wonder, must in no way be an absorbing factor like a toy with a child. Here, there are no toys,  but inner depth, substance and integrity that is not put together by thought.
If you are sensitive, you realise there is something here which is different from going to a discussion somewhere. Then you begin to study, and not only you but all the people living here are studying, seeing and questioning. And everyone actually listening with his whole being will naturally bring about a religious atmosphere.
A dialogue is very important. It is a form of communication in which question and  answer continue till the question is left without an answer. Thus the question is suspended between two person involved in this answer and questions. It is like a bud which, untouched by thought blossom, If the question is left totally untouched by thought, it then has its own answer, because the questioner and the answerer as persons have disappeared. This is form of dialogues in which investigation reaches a certain point of intensity and depth which then has quality which thought can never reach.

For registration and Enquiries please contact: P V Dabholkar : Tel No. 022- 24223199 ; C M Bhatia : 022-25153094
Please confirm your reservation in advance.

The view from Anand Vihar. A Khandoba temple is visible atop the hill.  An annual fair is held there in month of February.

Forthcoming Monthly Weekend Retreats:
August 2008 -9th -10th:    Freedom from Self
September 2008 - 13th -14th :   Problems of Living
October 2008 - 11th -12th : Love and Pleasure
November 2008 - 8th - 9th : Fear, Desire
December 2008 - 13th -14th : Death
January 2009 - 10th -11th January : Be Your Own Teacher

A view of the Dining Hall

Sri. Ramesh Kukreja, one of the co-founders and the force behind Anand Vihar, Jambhilghar, Badlapur

Mobile No: 9420607428/9326014460
Postal Address: "Vrindavan", Jambilghar, Post Chargaon, Badlapur-Boradpada Road, Taluka - Ambernath, District - Thane, 421503 Maharashtra, India
Email: rhkukreja@gmail.com

Sahyadri Nisarg Jeevan Sanstha's Vrindavan Balak Ashram
Ramesh Hariram Kukreja
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