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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Information on SBI related Mailing Lists

Hullo,  I have been running Banking and SBI related free mailing lists
since August 2000. Quite a few new mailing lists have been started that
have wide ranging content in Banking and SBI areas. I have already
shared information about joining these groups. I have also reduced the
mailing activity in my group to avoid duplication of mails. I am once
again reproducing the details of the other mailing lists. All interested
should switch over to these groups. My colleague and friend Sri.
Anup Sen, Chief Manager, SBI, STC, Salt Lake, Kolkata runs a very
useful SBI related mailing list at He sends a lot of
material useful that helps in keeping oneself informed as well as
preparing for promotional exams. Another colleague and friend, Sri.
Madhu Bhat, Chief Manager, SBI, IT-Networking, CC, Mumbai also maintains
an equally interesting mailing list. In addition to Banking related
material, there are many useful write-ups, quizzes, articles on related
areas contributed by volunteers. Membership of these group is open
only to SBI employees. I suggest that interested employees become
member of both the groups. For Anup Sen's group, may send him a
request directly to: with a cc to:
and giving their name, designation and branch
address etc. As regards Madhusudhan Bhat's group membership, please
send him a request email to: giving their name,
designation and branch address etc. Regards, R.S.Pai